Thursday, July 28, 2016

T'was the Night Before... (Remix)

T'was the night before Friday, tomorrow's the day
The Mobile Hotel® will be driving away.
18 days on vacation, to National Parks!
Yellowstone and Glacier (and other landmarks.)

I've been dreaming of cutthroats, both west slope and east
and maybe a bull trout (NO, you can't catch that beast!)
First we must drive on a long two-day trek
More than twelve-hundred miles, what a pain in the neck.

All will be worth it once fly lines are wet.
Soon both wife and kids will have fish in the net.
We'll hike and we'll tour, there's no time to snooze!
Let's rescue a bison, make national news!

To Flathead, the Blackfoot, and Rock Creek we go.
Some time on the Madison?  How could I say no?
No doubt the wife thinks I'm out of my mind.
Hey, babe. I'm sorry.  It's how I unwind.

Finally we camp as a family reunion,
a great way to bring a long trip to conclusion.
Three days we spend camping with my Ma and Pa,
my brother, his kids and my sister-in-law.

Some nieces and cousins, imagine the noise..
I'll just sneak away and go fish with the Boys.
The cascasding voices of water and stone,
my brothers passed on whisper,  "You're not alone."

Haunted by waters, but will a fish rise?
Of course, it was huge.  I'd tell no trout lies!
It's time for the s'mores and strong bourbon whiskey
With no chance at all that the wife will get frisky.

I'm dreaming my life away, get back to work!
But soon you'll be done, I think with a smirk.
Quiet down, Little Voices®, there's no time to borrow.
We're headed on out for vacation tomorrow!

--The Fading Angler


  1. Jealous! Enjoy, really looking forward to hearing about this trip!

    1. We'll just have to agree to admire each other's trips. :) When I can, I'll fire up the hotspot and report in!

  2. May your trip be a wonderful trip out here..............
    Be safe and healthy as can be. I, too, look forward to the rest of the story!

    1. Oh, yeah. Growing up in Wyoming, going to school in Laramie, then living in Montana for 7 years, I love coming back west. Can't wait to move back for good!

  3. I must say, jealousy was the initial emotion. LOL But wishing you all a safe and enjoyable vacation.

    1. All good so far. 700 miles in the rear view mirror...

  4. Stay safe my friend and count your blessings.