Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Recipe - Less is S'More

Here's a little something to keep you warming on those cool evenings when you're camping.

1 regular Hershey chocolate bar, whole
1 graham cracker rectangle (4 small sections), whole
1 marshmallow
3 fl. oz. Knob Creek bourbon, 100 proof*

Pour bourbon into small cup.  No water or ice allowed.

While seated next to a campfire, break graham crack and Hershey bar in half. Sandwich half of Hershey bar between both halves of graham cracker.

Toss marshmallow in fire, grin while it burns.  Take a small sip of bourbon, swallow & feel the burn. Take a small bite of chocolate/graham crack sandwich, chew slowly & swallow. Remember to enjoy delicious taste.  Sip bourbon, then take another small sandwich bite.  Enjoy the pleasant synergy between chocolate, graham cracker, and bourbon.

When sandwich is depleted, holler for spouse/significant other to bring another graham cracker for leftover chocolate. Get up and get it yourself when spouse/significant other ignores your desperate plea.  Continue alternating bites and sips.  Consider tossing another marshmallow into the fire for entertainment.

* Those of you who wisely avoid alcohol can substitute a small cup of fresh coffee.  The experience is nearly as good


  1. I wonder if while I'm out "camping" if room service will bring me an extra graham cracker?

    1. You could always call and check. I'm fairly certain they'd object to the smoke from the flaming marshmallows, though...

  2. Totally agree, Chris, the more sips you take of the Bourbon, the better those "Awful Burned to a black mass Marshmallow's taste..............

    1. My mom used to enjoy a "light char" on her marshmallows. I never understood. After a little more bourbon, I often quote poetry to the marshmallows in the fire: "Rage, RAGE, against the dying of the light!!!" or "...not with a bang, but with a whimper."

  3. Replies
    1. Then I've at last left my mark upon the world?