Wednesday, January 3, 2018


Sorry, I haven't been sneaking around Roswell or tracking Bigfoot through the north woods of Minnesota (though I have it on good authority that Sasquatch roams the north woods of Wisconsin.)  And despite the fact that I wasn't sure I'd survive neurosurgery last year, I don't have proof of life after death, either.

In this case, proof means "something that you approve."

Bright enough for ya?  I'm not very good at humility, except when it comes to casting a fly rod.  So, it probably goes without saying that I'm proud of this design and grateful to Kirk Werner of Itchy Dog Productions (aka The Unaccomplished Angler) for taking my sketch and making it look good great FABULOUS.

This is printed on a nice, breathable "performance shirt" (not evil, unbreathing, sponge-like cotton) that's great for keeping the sun off my arms on a hot, humid day in the Minnesota Driftless Area or Florida Keys.  The coolest part: it's dye sublimation printed. The ink is now permanently fused into the fabric, so the logo won't crack or flake.  You can't feel any difference between the colored areas and the rest of the shirt.

And of course, with this "proof edition," I leave a somber message behind me...

I am The Fading Angler, and I approved this message.  ;)


  1. I like the saying on the back, but honestly I was thinking more of a Howardism; like get your ass out and fish!

    1. Well, then I'd have to twist it a little more. For example: "Get your ass out and fish, while you still can!"

      See you Friday evening, sir!

  2. Howard, I almost spit out my coffee. OMG

    Chris, Where can I get one?!

  3. Very cool. I hope it finds and serves you well. Get to the creeks soon!

  4. Awesome work. Good start to 2018.

  5. Is it okay to say thanks for the shirt Chris?

  6. I really really need one of those shirts. With my white hair and beard it will be the best camouflage when sneaking up on some gills. Please advise where I can purchase one. Chuck