Friday, August 9, 2019

Flyfishing Season is Over

Flyfishing season is over.

I’d fish the Blackfoot River with one arm if necessary.
Photo/guide credit: KynsLee Scott
Shoulder pain has been an unwelcome and persistent companion since early 2019. I’ve been gritting my teeth and casting anyway. The Blackfoot and Firehole Rivers were worth the piper’s fare. But now I think it’s time to grow up. 10 weeks of physical therapy. Oral steroids. A cortisone injection deep into the joint. After all that, a CT scan last week reveals I have at least three kinds of tissue damage and mild arthritis. At least I know there’s a reason. A good surgeon can fix Humpty Dumpty, right? Insert hope here. Maybe some WD-40 liniment and strategically placed duct tape?

“This child is getting old...”