Thursday, August 27, 2015

More Than Words

Sending out thanks to:
The rest of this story can be told with photos.  Mostly.

Our campground hosts.  And enablers.

Backstage at sunset

Sunrise in the lobby, before the show

The Marquee

I sense a disturbance in The Flow

The rare and endangered Fading Angler, seen here in full spawning colors, mugging with offspring

This offspring gets mugged, as well

Perhaps not what they meant when they called the product, "Buff"


Ready to rock.  Echo Gecko with Rio Gold WF5F

Hooked up and fighting

Victorious and proud

Pink rod, pink line. Sage Grace. At the end, a rainbow?
Teach a girl to fish, she never quits grinning

A nice catch

Like I said, a Nice Catch

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  1. Those are some great memories built. Thanks for taking us all along.